Mobile Tools for Immediate Action


When it comes to maintenance, it doesn’t take long to see the benefits of a mobile, technology driven, maintenance request. This benefits the owner, tenant, property manager, and maintenance crew.

Every Owner and Tenant have portals within our website to properly handle and track these request.  The tenant will quickly submit maintenance requests, photos, and more with their portal using a phone, tablet, or computer.  This will immediately notify the property manager and maintenance crew to quickly assess the request.

Through a quick and convenient online request, creating, updating and closing work orders has never been easier.

  1.  Save time.  No more calls, paperwork, and driving.
  2.  Respond faster.  Know instantly what is needed to correct the issue.
  3.  Track everything. Nobody likes miscommunication.  Everything is always documented and tracked.
  4.  Drive less. No need to drive to the office to pick up or sign maintenance paperwork.
  5.  Accurate reports.  Owners are now able to receive accurate maintenance report to ensure the honesty of the work being done.
  6.  Save time and money.  Save time and money by driving less, reducing expense of gas, and operating paperless.  In addition, failing to respond to urgent maintenance requests can result in much more expensive repairs, ultimately costing the owner out-of-pocket money.

We have the tools to manage our time well. It’s not about catching up, it’s staying on top of the tasks that lie ahead.

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